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  <h1 itemprop="headline">The Very First Rule of Life</h1>
  <p><time itemprop="datePublished" datetime="2009-10-09">3 days ago</time></p>
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 <p>If there's a microphone anywhere near you, assume it's hot and
 sending whatever you're saying to the world. Seriously.</p>
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    <p>Posted by: <span itemprop="creator" itemscope itemtype="">
     <span itemprop="name">George Washington</span>
    <p><time itemprop="commentTime" datetime="2009-10-10">15 minutes ago</time></p>
   <p>Yeah! Especially when talking about your lobbyist friends!</p>
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    <p>Posted by: <span itemprop="creator" itemscope itemtype="">
     <span itemprop="name">George Hammond</span>
    <p><time itemprop="commentTime" datetime="2009-10-10">5 minutes ago</time></p>
   <p>Hey, you have the same first name as me.</p>


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